Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What is Your Baby First Words?

Baby's first words will make us happy, do not be surprised if we hear a baby of consonants like the letters A, i, U, E, O. the words were often asked by the baby. It all start from the baby learns to talk, when we look at when a baby saying "Ach" means the baby is upset or sleepy, we can conclude from the letters or physical condition.

In a few months will begin to learn to talk and try to make their own words, ask for something, to speak with words that are not clear. if we do not understand the words we have to teach a baby to speak clearly. Day-by day baby sayings that vary according to the progress of his age. To be able to teach babies to speak we must be patient because the process of learning to speak very long time, babies need help from us to connect-nyambungkan words. can also pass the baby will come out crying saying. Usually the baby's first words at age 6 months, babies begin to make a sound "baba" words are still limited because of changes in the voice mechanism. beginning of words that will make verbatim.
Baby's first words there will be many words that come out of the baby's mouth "ba ... ba .. pack" your baby's proud father of a baby can tell you that the first utterance in the utterance is the "father" instead of "mama" was first uttered, the possibility said the father of the most easy to say, ever uttered in other words your baby says "Ma Ma" and "" ba wa ". Hearing the "ma ma" for the first time will likely melt your heart. When we teach babies to talk, the baby will try to imitate it. If you teach a baby to talk will help improve motor skills for infants recognize words from our words even though the baby does not understand what was being said by us, at least the baby is to imitate the words.
There are so many kids you will create words that relate to an object. Little by little your baby will start to learn to speak the words that are short. Helping babies to learn to speak is difficult but we must be smart to launch a word-processing so that the baby can put together word by word.


  1. Awww!! it was really nice reading your article :) i remember my little nephew(8 months old) was saying "pa..pa" and his mum was waiting impatiently to heard a "ma..ma" from him.

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  3. Baby first words are pa , ma mainly .It happens .I don't know why .But it is .
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