Monday, 11 July 2011

Tips on caring for the umbilical cord

The birth of a baby is a moment which is very exciting and eagerly awaited by the husband, wife and other family members. Babies who are born healthy in a perfect condition of his limbs and functioning properly is the most expected by the parents. Good parent would try to keep the baby in the womb or after birth.

Caring for a newborn is at once exciting and stressful time, especially for those who have never had children and never caring for the baby. When the baby is born, the baby's condition is still weak so it took a serious concern and care. All members of the baby's body is still vulnerable, but the most vulnerable is the head of the mainly top of his head and umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord is actually part of the placenta when the baby is still in the womb is a channel for the baby to get food. When the baby is born the umbilical cord is cut to leave a few inches of the baby's stomach. Condition of the umbilical cord after the baby is born, of course is still wet but will dry and break up within a few days during the treatment correctly.
Caring for baby's umbilical cord is actually not difficult, but also should not be underestimated. No need to believe the myths that make no sense like saving a baby's umbilical cord is broken and can be used as a medicine if your baby has a fever.
In the health world there are new discoveries, including how to care for the umbilical cord. Formerly the umbilical cord of newborns were given alcohol or betadin. But now it is not advisable to use alcohol or betadin unless infection occurs. There are a few tips on caring for baby's umbilical cord is simple. Baby's umbilical cord should be kept so as not to dirty and wet. After the baby is washed, dried umbilical cord immediately. If babies were given the oil and powder, then do not let the cord.
Wrap the cord with a gauze that is soft and hollow so as not to hurt and dry quickly. Avoid baby's diaper or pants on the umbilical cord because it was feared when the baby urinated, the urine travels through the diapers or pants so that the umbilical cord. This can cause a dangerous infection.


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