Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baby Hair Tips

Of course you really crave your hair grow in a healthy baby, black and beautiful. Beautiful hair will make it look more cute and pretty, of course all parents want the same thing. Well, for that we have seven tips on caring for your hair to grow a healthy baby, black, thick and beautiful.
1. Use the right shampoo and according to the type of hair your baby. The use of the right shampoo will prevent your baby's hair from damage and also the various risks that could undermine growth. It is important for you to identify the type and hair type so your baby can choose the right shampoo too.

2. Use some hair care products contain ingredients beneficial to the hair and of course safe for the scalp.

3. Avoid the use of headgear is too long. Use of a hat or headgear that is too long will make the scalp difficult to breathe and eventually can make the scalp becomes stifling and unhealthy. Unhealthy scalp hair growth will affect your baby.

4. Avoid dust. Do not expose your baby's hair from dust or dirt directly.

5. Always try to clean your baby's hair as clean as possible when the shower so all the dirt can be peeled off and lost with water.

6. Regular breast-feeding will help your baby's growth, including hair. So do not ignore breast milk for your baby.

7. Always try to prevent your baby's hair from harmful chemicals such as the use of dyes, hair oils adults, artificial oils are claimed to nourish the hair, and all forms of materials that are not for babies.


  1. Hi, Thanks for supporting me..i also supporting have a nice day best wishes from Spain

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  3. Is it necessary to take care for hairs of babies .they are new borns and i don't think they are needed such a baby care .