Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stages of Development Toddlers Ages 4-5 Years

Stages of early childhood development can be defined as the stage of physical and mental development in infants associated with social institutions, customs, and laws that shape society. Another meaning of the stages of early childhood development is the period of early childhood from birth to age eight years, but in the United States early childhood development is considered only up to the age of 5 years. Due after 5 years of age the child will enter a more formal school environment.

There are three stages in child development, namely: early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. The role of parents is very important in the development of this child. At each stage of different tricks that can be used by parents.

This time I will discuss the developmental stages of children aged 4-5 years. 4-5 years of age is the age when children enter pre-school time. Here are the stages of development children aged 4-5 years:

Toddlers Age 4 years;
Physical development of infants aged 4 years was marked by the head began to swell, the use of sensory acuity increases, energy demand increased to 1700 calories per day.

Motor development of children aged 4 years was marked by beginning to walk in a straight line, can stand on one leg, already adept at climbing stairs, can jump as high as 15cm, capable of throwing the ball well, was able to write some of the forms and letters, can hold a pencil with well, and can run in a circle.

Cognitive development in children aged 4 years can be characterized by the ability to recognize words and sounds similar, at least be able to count to 20, understand the concepts of size, can understand the sequence of daily events, and was able to arrange the puzzle.

Children aged 4 years already proficient in the language. They can already say the preposition, possessive consistent, forming sentences with complicated structures, ranging use tense in the sentence, sentence intonation understood in context, and can already sing the song with a short poem.

Social development of children aged 4 years was marked by: love to play outside the house, feeling fickle, has begun to make friends, can cooperate and participate in the group, was able to phoning, and getting to know friends.

Toddlers Ages 5 years;
Physical development of babies five years has been marked by the size of the head resembles the head of the adult teeth start exchanging, the body is proportional, and requires as much energy as 1800 calories per day.
Infant motor is characterized by five years: could walk to the back, was able to up and down stairs without help, was able to turn upside down, can walk on balance beam, had memorized a few letters, and began to utilize his hands for various activities.

The development of infant cognitive abilities of five years could form Bagun characterized by flat, to understand the concept of shapes and sizes, can already count to 50, understand the form of numbers, could read the clock, and showed enthusiasm to learn new things.
Baby five years have started to talk about events experienced. In addition they also begin to understand the joke, and memorized the names of the people closest.

Social development of children aged 5 years is characterized by: it can be friendly, show participation in the group, the need for certainty and comfort of older people, people like to entertain others, and want to carve achievement.

What about your baby?
Is the development experienced in accordance with the above? If it not,  better contact your doctor.


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