Sunday, 28 August 2011

10 Ways of Developing Brain

Described by Dr. Eddy Supriyadi, SP.A, from Sardjito Hospital in Yogyakarta, there are two basic components in a child's brain development, which is a safe and positive experience.
When a baby is feeling depressed, the brain will respond by producing cortisol substances. High cortisol levels will slow the development of the brain.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tips to Produce a lot of Milk During Pregnancy

During pregnancy many women sometimes forget how to produce more milk after labour. One things that are often overlooked during pregnancy is breast milk. Many tips of pregnancy who did not discuss this.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

9 Months Baby Developments

At this stage, crawling is the most common of motor development for babies. This is very important when you having a baby, make sure you should install a safety fence on every single stairs, because this place will be a tremendous attraction for the little guy.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

8 months baby developments

At this stage, your baby usually has turned into a "figure" is very busy!
His hands are always moving around, he's more adept at holding and controlling the various objects and finger coordination skills were getting better. He also began to use his fingers to squeeze certain parts of the toy and will continue to investigate a variety of objects or a small room with his fingers.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

7 Months Developments Baby

Babies at this age usually can sit up and he would rather spend his days in this position. Even the most seven-month old baby can sit up without sustained at all
However, you still have to watch him well when he sat down, because sometimes he will lose his balance and fell to the floor. It is better if he was seated in a somewhat soft but solid, or you can also put the pillows behind him just in case.

5 Months Developments Baby

At this stage the baby will usually have to experiment to create different sounds by using her tiny lips and tongue. He is studying the sounds of what can be made and this is actually the beginning of language ability. Do not get bored so if your baby always repeat the same sound.

Development of Infants 0-4 Months

To find out if your baby is born in good health, you can read in "The Birth of Healthy Babies". Furthermore, following the development of normal infants from the age of 0-4 months ...
Do not panic if the baby's back or bottom there is a blue skin such as bruising, or grayish. These patches usually disappear after age over 1 year.