Tuesday, 19 July 2011

5 Months Developments Baby

At this stage the baby will usually have to experiment to create different sounds by using her tiny lips and tongue. He is studying the sounds of what can be made and this is actually the beginning of language ability. Do not get bored so if your baby always repeat the same sound.

For most babies, at this time also they first make a sound when you laugh! Try to respond every time your baby laugh or speak with his mouth. This way he will be eager to continue trying to communicate with you. In fact, do not be surprised if it turns out the little ones can make a sound or different sounds to tell you that he is hungry, tired, or just want to play.
With regard to physical development, many babies at this stage is highly likes to be enforced in a sitting position. For the first time, chances are he'll sit by leaning forward and leaning on his hand. His back will look curved. To fix this, you can be propped on the pillow, or into your body. If you get used in a sitting position, your baby will get stronger and stable every day.
At this stage, you can also introduce billed cups (sippy cup) to your baby. Look for glasses that have two handles, for easier drinking. At first, of course, there will be more drinking water than is spilled into his mouth, but not why ... it's a process. He also may be pleased slammed and banged his glass on the floor or table, because they liked the sound it produces.

Is Your Baby Ready Given solids?
Prompts for giving solid foods (Complementary feeding) is after your baby is past the age of 6 months. Even according to the DSA, the actual infant nutrition will be met with breast milk until he was 9 months.
But indeed most infants at age 5-6 months there has begun to "curious" to see what is eaten by her parents. Then, when your baby actually READY receive solid foods? Here among other signs:

It's getting interested in seeing the food. If he's already starting to notice the food on your plate, even tried to grab her and put it into his mouth, well ... that means he's already interested in food ...
Your baby can hold his head properly. If you can not, you should postpone giving him solid foods
If your baby is able to put food on his tongue to the back of his mouth, meaning he was ready
Your baby's bottom lip had also should be able to "pick up" food on a spoon
Your baby's intestines had to be able to digest the foods that go well
If every time you try to feed food to the child and his tongue continued to push the food out, meaning he's not ready to be given solid foods. If so, do not be forced ...

Food First
If your baby is ready to be given solid foods, what should you give first?
You could try:
- Cereal mixed with breast milk or formula
- Pure banana
- Pure potato
- Pure apple
- Pure Carrot
Watch his reaction after administration of solids. If no indigestion or signs of allergy, then the menu can you go ...


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