Wednesday, 3 August 2011

9 Months Baby Developments

At this stage, crawling is the most common of motor development for babies. This is very important when you having a baby, make sure you should install a safety fence on every single stairs, because this place will be a tremendous attraction for the little guy.

Your baby will be happy and feel challenged to climb the ladder and climbed onto the mattress. To do this, you need good coordination between the foot and both hands to pull himself up. But to descend the stairs, it could take several more months, because it is much harder than the climb. 

Consider Your Home Security
At this stage, you should be more careful in managing your home anymore, because your baby will try to climb up the various furnishings of your home. If you put him to sleep in the crib, then make sure he can not climb out of bed, because he does not have sufficient capability to it.
Make sure your kitchen is safe for your baby, because this is a very interesting place for him to explore. With regard to the kitchen, here are some things that need your attention:

Lock your oven. Infants who have a high curiosity, could open it and play around with it
Avoid cooking while carrying your baby
Do not let the pot or pan on the stove with the handle / grip leads to the outside. Your baby can pull it when you are remiss
The key to any wardrobe that his reach, especially those that contain items that could be harmed, such as detergents, plastic bags, glassware, etc.
Conversely, to assist and support the exploration of your baby, here are some things you can do:

Provide a special cupboard in the kitchen or your dining room for the little guy. He would love to open and close it
Provide pots, pans, glasses and utensils are safe for him, so he would love to play and explore with him
Provide a wooden spoon that can be used to banging pots. Notice how he holds the spoon in one hand and banging a pot with the other
Babies at this age are usually able to determine what food she likes more than other foods. You may notice your baby is ravenously consuming one type of food and refuse other foods. Sometimes he may be playing with the food you provide, or even throw it to the floor.
If you are new parents and confused by this situation, it's good if you share with other parents who have more experience, who know they've got some tips that you can apply ...
One thing you need to consider relating to your baby's food is independence. At this stage, your child wishes to do everything themselves is increasing, including in terms of eating.
Another alternative is to provide safe food for the holding, known as finger food. To avoid choking hazard, as the initial stage you can give a very small piece of food and soft, which could easily be destroyed in his mouth. Usually fruit or steamed vegetables, perfect for this.
Another reason that can cause your baby to eat is hard texture of the food you provide. Therefore, most experts recommend to start switching to a more solid foods, so that your baby is accustomed to the foods with different textures and begin to adjust to consume a wide variety of foods.


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